Saturday, January 30, 2010

In the craziness of the holidays, I never had a chance to post about our latest addition to the family. Meet Nico. He's a one year old Siberian Husky who we adopted from a rescue center for huskies back in early November. My husband's dream has always been to have a siberian husky. He has loved the breed most of his life and we now are the proud parents of one very lovable and very energetic boy. Between my son Brennan's return from Iraq and Nico arriving our house has been transformed from pretty quiet into high energy, fun chaos and we couldn't be happier. The only two complaining still are the cats!

Nico came to us via California and had never experienced cold and snow. Now in January when its 4 degrees here in Upstate New York he thinks he is in paradise. It is very difficult to get him to come inside.

When we lost our beautiful Tasha last winter, our hearts were broken and while you can never replace a loved one - Nico has certainly filled our hearts and home with some fun joy again. All of you who have lost pets this year, trust me when I say time will make it better and one day another four legged friend will find his or her way into your home and hearts.

Happy end of January.


Mary Ricksen said...

My dog Junior is getting old. I watch him get slower and slower every day. So I know your pain. But a new doggie is a great distraction!

Emma Lai said...

Beautiful addition. Congratulations!

Roni said...

Thanks all. Its truly like adopting a kid - I wasn't sure how he'd fit i the family but he was born to be with us I think.