Friday, June 26, 2009

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Although I have to say I didn't do my part here with the blog bouquet - I apologized to the marketing group at The Wild Rose Press for letting them down but life, as you know, sometimes has a way of messing up our plans.

Anyway, going forward. Thank you to those who came by and commented and I did draw a winner - "lastnerve2000" has been contacted via email and she won a free copy of "Finding Their Way Back" an anthology of stories from the Way Back, Texas series. I was honored to be invited to write "Under A Rodeo Moon" as one of the three stories alongside my friends, Stacy Dawn and Cindy Pape.

This story of a three siblings (my hero is the bullrider) was a lot of fun to write and to be in teh company of such amazing authors will surely only help with sales! Please drop by and see our book on the front page today. After that you can find it under the Yellow Rose Line.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Here I am ready for the blog bouquet! Hello?? Oh Oh, its not Monday anymore is it. Sigh. How the heck did I go from early Monday morning to Wednesday in the blink of an eye? Its always the way, time just disappears.

Well thank you to those that came by and those that keep coming back hoping to catch me. Someone asked about what I have going on and I guess the most exciting news is my latest short story releases this Friday - "Finding Their WayBack" is the name of the anthology. My story is called "Under A Rodeo Moon" and its the story of Bull Rider Dusty and his socialite love Carrie. They reunite in WayBack but as with most reunion stories its never an easy road to finding love or "finding your way back" to love.

It releases Friday at and I hope you'll enjoy it.
I don't have a copy of the cover with me but I"ll try to post i on Friday morning.

As for the Double B that someone asked about; I'm happy to report that the third installedment - Trouble in Texas - about my wild red-headed heroine Charli Boyd and her attempts to wrangle quiet vet Grant Clark - have finally come to a close. The book is in edits and I have been told we have a release date of early September.

More later - gotta run - life is crazy these days.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcome to my blog! Today is the Blog Bouquet and I'm behind as usual. I'm going to get something posted here in about an hour but for now, here is the list of our lovely roses who are part of this June celebration. Why don't you stop by their blog, leave a comment and then come on back here later this morning (eastern time). Sorry for the delay! I promise - I'll be back this morning and will have something fascinating to share - lol.


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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Its finally June! I'm so excited about that for a couple of reasons; one it means that we are more than halfway through my son's deployment to Iraq! And two it means that my favorite season is here. I love summer. I mean LOVE summer. I love the heat and the long days when I'm outside until 9:30 at night and barely notice. I mean there is very little about summer I don't absolutely thrive on it.
It took us 20 years to complete, but we finally have a beautiful deck that wraps around the entire house and out to the pool (we did a section every year when we could afford it). Eating dinner outside, entertaining neighbors or just reading the paper and drinking coffee are all summer time treats that I miss so much during the long winter months.
One of my most special memories took place the August my middle son left for bootcamp. My husband and I were sitting on the deck talking with our soon to leave son, and our oldest son and then our youngest son all joined us. For one magic hour we were all on the deck together talking and laughing and sharing memories, just the five of us. I took a great photo of the three boys that I cherish but the memory is locked in my mind forever. It was a special time before our entire world changed forever.
I remember at the end of summer last year when we closed the pool, my Marine son looking at me and said, "do you know that I won't even see the pool open next year". He's right; it opened in May and will be closed in September two months before he'll get home. That seems so incredible to me since our deck and pool are such a huge part of our family's life. I'm quite sure that with the temperatures hovering around 115 right now in Iraq, he would give almost anything for a dip in our pool or any pool.
Anyway, all that aside, its summer and the living is easy. I intend to savor everything from the watermelon sherbert with chocolate sprinkles (my hands down all time favorite ice cream treat), to my favorite flipflops and line dried laundry. Enjoy the summer; enjoy your family and friends and give yourself permission to take it easy. There's no reason to rush; we can do all that come fall.