Saturday, March 24, 2012

Its March?  What?  Where did February go.  Wow the weeks are flying by but I'm not complaining - every day is closer to summer which is after all my absolutely favorite time of the year.  I'm hard at work on my latest novella entitled "A Hero for Tonight" and it should be released from The Wild Rose Press by late summer.  I need to wrap it up and get it into edits if I'm going to reach that goal.

After that I think its time to get back to the Double B and work on story number 5 in our series.  This next one is the story of our uptight librarian Abigail and the redheaded rancher neighbor - Cole.  When a spontaneous moment finds these two pregnant; it creates a modern day "marriage for the baby sake" situation.  Add to it Abigail's allergy to animals, Cole's 6 juvenile delinquents who do court-ordered work on his ranch and of course our friends at the Double B and this marriage is doomed from the start.  Poor Cole - first dumped by Sara then her sister Beth and now stuck married to Abigail.  But if any of my readers know Cole from previous books, you know what a good heart he has and you can't help but root for him to find his happy ever after, even if its with Abigail.

Watch for "A Cowboy to Wish For" sometime in early 2013.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

For this cowgirl, no Sunday could have been better!  This is my new friend Festivo.  He's a world famous Spanish horse-  a PRE stallion who won the title MEJORES MOVIENTOS (Best Movement) in three competitions.  He was brought to the States about four months ago by a friend of mine and I'm honored she's letting me spend some time with him.  Today I brought him a blanket with The Wild Rose Press logo on it to see how it looks.  He's going to wear it in the April Equine show in Ohio.  For someone used to horses in Texas with western saddles, this was a new experience for me and I have to admit I'm a little in love.

Festivo has a great personality, he is handsome and he knows it.  He has a sparkle in his eye that tells you he knows exactly how good looking he is and that he has your heart in his hand.

This handsome guy is owned by Aisling Sporthorses.  If for some reason, you get near the horse show in April look him up!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fingers crossed!  We will know on Tuesday if "The Chauffeur Wore An Evening Gown" won this impressive award or not.  The CAPA, as it is known,  is sponsored by The Romance Studio and is for excellence in romance each year.  I'm honored just to be nominated.  If you check out their site, I'm in some pretty impressive company.

Whether you are a romance writer or reader, Tuesday is our holiday!  Despite the commercial aspects of it, despite the Hallmark-forced type of feelings - it still is the one day a year when everyone wants to be someone's Valentine.  

I've been with my husband for 29 years this year so we've had our share of Valentine's Days.  Hard to believe the man who was my Valentine at 19 is still by my side.  The words "grow old with me" take on new meaning as the years pass. Watching my sons, especially my youngest who is enjoying his very first Valentine at that tender age of 16 is such a delight and brings back so many memories of teenage romance.  My older two sons have already done their turns at buying the roses and chocolates and are pros at it now. Being the mother of three sons allows me this inside look at romance from the male perspective.  Very enlightening!

Whatever your thoughts on Valentine's Day - here's hoping yours is full of roses, chocolate and love.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Here's to 2012.

Every year I make resolutions; some I keep, some not so much.  It generally helps me to list out somewhere public what I plan to accomplish.  Maybe this is just my own way of being accountable to someone and maybe its simply a way of me getting it "down on paper" but either way here is my list for 2012.

Absolutely have to join the rest of the world and try to get healthier.  This includes losing at least one size (what's that maybe 15 pounds?).  I need to seriously lose at least 40 pounds, but we'll start with one size this year.  I joined Weight Watchers and I plan to seriously look into a treadmill. I have to do this for my health.  It has to be done this year, no excuses, no more putting it off.  I will be 48 in May - I want to be fit and healthy at 50.

Blogging.  I'm going to update this at least once a month - hopefully more.  Same with my website - keep it current.

Twitter.  I want to learn Twitter this year.  I need to learn how to Tweet.  Going to spend some time doing this this year.

Writing.  Ok every author knows that writing more is a resolution.  I vow to get at least one full length story finished and released (Book 5 of the Double B series) before year end and I would like to release 2 short stories - "A Hero for Tonight": as well as a summer story.

How about you?  What's your resolutions this year?  Anyone want to publicly acknowledge them?