Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finally! Trouble in Texas is finally coming out. My publisher tells me that the official release date is February 5 but readers can purchase pre-sale copies probably as early as next week! Yay! I am so excited for all of you to enjoy my third installment on the Double B. Friends who've read it already tell me its the hottest one yet, but then with a heroine like Charli there was simply no other way to write it.

I'd love your feedback if you get the chance to read Trouble. I"m hard at work on the fourth in the series - "The Cowboy's Duet". Readers of this series probably have figured out its the tale of our singing cowboy Teddy and his heroine. If all goes as planned it should be out sometime this fall.

So far its a long cold winter - plenty of time for snuggling in at home and writing and reading. Hope you are able to do the same.


jjthom02 said...

I just read all three of the book from the Double B series, I love all of them. I see what you are doing pairing the families together and I wish you would have paired Colt and Charli together they would have been so interesting but I know Diane is who you have in mind I am so looking forward to the fourth book. When I read love stories I love conflicts the more the better and you and Diane Palmer are really good at getting me to read a complete book in one day. great job

jjthom02 said...

I read all three book thusfore but I would have love to see the oldest Weston brother married to Charli he seem so stuffy. He needs a wild women to get him to losin up. Diane in my opinion will need to bring her husband back home and her and Colt have a fling and she get pregnant and drama to excite his character.