Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Here I am ready for the blog bouquet! Hello?? Oh Oh, its not Monday anymore is it. Sigh. How the heck did I go from early Monday morning to Wednesday in the blink of an eye? Its always the way, time just disappears.

Well thank you to those that came by and those that keep coming back hoping to catch me. Someone asked about what I have going on and I guess the most exciting news is my latest short story releases this Friday - "Finding Their WayBack" is the name of the anthology. My story is called "Under A Rodeo Moon" and its the story of Bull Rider Dusty and his socialite love Carrie. They reunite in WayBack but as with most reunion stories its never an easy road to finding love or "finding your way back" to love.

It releases Friday at and I hope you'll enjoy it.
I don't have a copy of the cover with me but I"ll try to post i on Friday morning.

As for the Double B that someone asked about; I'm happy to report that the third installedment - Trouble in Texas - about my wild red-headed heroine Charli Boyd and her attempts to wrangle quiet vet Grant Clark - have finally come to a close. The book is in edits and I have been told we have a release date of early September.

More later - gotta run - life is crazy these days.


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