Friday, June 26, 2009

Although I have to say I didn't do my part here with the blog bouquet - I apologized to the marketing group at The Wild Rose Press for letting them down but life, as you know, sometimes has a way of messing up our plans.

Anyway, going forward. Thank you to those who came by and commented and I did draw a winner - "lastnerve2000" has been contacted via email and she won a free copy of "Finding Their Way Back" an anthology of stories from the Way Back, Texas series. I was honored to be invited to write "Under A Rodeo Moon" as one of the three stories alongside my friends, Stacy Dawn and Cindy Pape.

This story of a three siblings (my hero is the bullrider) was a lot of fun to write and to be in teh company of such amazing authors will surely only help with sales! Please drop by and see our book on the front page today. After that you can find it under the Yellow Rose Line.


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