Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My apologies for posting my part of the contest on April 1 instead of tomorrow; April 2. I'm going to be having some minor surgery very early tomorrow morning so I needed to get this done tonight. The blog that follows is actually for Thursday, April 2. So let's pretend I did it right and not tell Skhye, ok? Thanks!



Skhye said...

Like I wouldn't hop by... LOL!!!! It's alright. You've manned your day!

Emma Lai said...

Hope all goes well, Roni!

robynl said...

I saw some Daffodils, but they were in a vase and from a store. One can hope can't they, lol.
I personally can smell spring in the air in the morning when I go out to unlock the door at work. Beautiful fresh air.

Sarita Leone said...

I hope you are feeling better by now. Have been sending good thoughts your way. :)

MarthaE said...

Hope your surgery went well Roni.

PhyllisC said...

I can smell spring in the air here. Trees and flowers blooming. The showers help to control the pollen. Everything just looks fresh and new. Winter is having it's last (hopefully) laugh with very cool temps.

lastnerve said...

Hi Roni, I was just wondering how your surgery went. Please let us know!


Roni said...

Thanks all, sorry to be so late to returning your notes. Surgery was a breeze, they put me under I slept through it all came home slept some more. They have me in a cast up past my wrist which is annoying but it comes off in a week so its a little inconvenient.

Typing doesn't hurt but the cast hits keys I never knew existed - lol.

Thanks all for playing the Tisket a Tasket contest and my winner was Kerri and I sent her a personal note.

Looking forward to enjoying spring with everyone.