Thursday, June 09, 2011

Summer has finally arrived!  The temperatures soared this week in Upstate NY and my family is finally settling in at our place on Lake Ontario.  Although this photo is from last summer, it won't be long before  my husband and sons will have our ski boat out and running for another season of tubing, waterskiing, and just riding up and down the lake.

Scott and I met 28 years ago next month (July, 83) pretty much on the water - so our mutual love for the water and boats has been in place since we met.  We've passed that onto our sons and our entire family has already made some amazing memories.

As a writer, I find inspiration comes much easier in the summer.  Waking up on the lake, sitting on our deck having coffee and hearing the waves crash the beach feeds my writer's soul.  I work hard all winter, actually spring, fall and winter but in the summer I give myself permission to slow down and savor the short season and just indulge myself in what I truly love - being with my husband and kids, being on the lake, and soaking up some sun.  I hope you too can find some time to slow down this summer and do what you love best.

Happy writing.

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