Thursday, April 07, 2011

Finally - seems a long time for this one for some reason but The Cowboy's Duet has been released in print at and will be out electronically on May 13.

I let a good friend read it as soon as I got my final galleys and she loved it. Always makes my confidence soar when someone who I know will be honest with me sends me good remarks. Here's her wonderful email note to me:

"I just finished the Cowboy Duet. As usual you have outdone yourself. I loved it. Beth and Tyler’s is still my favorite, but maybe I am just partial to them. But this one was just as good. I love the chemistry between Susan and Teddy. You can feel the attraction come right off the pages as you read. Never a dull moment either. You keep everything moving and keep your readers captivated and wanting more. I love the soft side of Teddy that you brought out in the book. Not at all what I had expected from him. I wish I was a Sampson girl living on the Ranch along with the Westons."
I can't wait for all of you to read it as well. Happy spring.

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