Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I know they make your heart flutter don't they? But watch yourselves one of those very handsome Marines is my middle son, Brennan. Thankfully, this was taken over a year ago in Baghdad and he and his buddies are home safe and sound today.

Today is the Marine Corps Birthday and tomorow, of course, if Veterans Day which made me sit down and remind everyone of these amazing men and women who are overseas risking their lives for our freedom.

This year we have four of our sons' friends, boys who are all under 25 and yet fighting hard in horrible conditions. Max - due home any day now, thank God, from a stint in Afghanistan. Luke our next door neighbor who we've known since he was born is Brennan's best friend and we're praying with his parents every day that he is kept safe. Mike - best friend of my older son Ian - he is in Afghanistan with Luke. In addition, we have a very very dear friend Jim who was injured last week in Afghanistan and is currently recovering in a hospital in Germany.

As a romance writer - my goal at the end of every story is to have a happy ever after. We're praying hard that we all get all our servicemen and women home safe and sound for that happy ever after ending.

Hug a Veteran today and tell him or her thank you. They deserve our gratitude every day but especially today..

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