Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This month was particuarly bittersweet in our household - we moved our firstborn - Ian to his first apartment. He and his girlfriend, Jessica, have moved about 4 hours away so Ian can attend law school. What mother couldn't be proud of that? But at the same time comes the heartache and pain as the first of the proverbial strings are cut. He's on his own now - in his own place, his own city and his own life. No more glares at me for waking up him too early with my vacuuming (noon I swear!), no more leaving extra coffee on when I'm done so he can have a cup, no more "Mom why are there no cookies left?", none of the stuff I've grown so used to over the past 22 years.

We have 2 more sons left at home and while it feels like I still have a while before the nest is empty, I know from experience the time will simply pass in a heartbeat.

To all us Moms out there going through this phase of life - there's no way to say it except it truly stinks. To the Moms of sons and daughters shipping overseas and deploying - our prayers are with you. Our Marine is home this year safe and sound under our roof - but we have 3 dear friends who shipped over to Afghanistan with the Marines this week and our thoughts are with them and their Moms as they begin the horrible journey we took last year.

Someone wise once said - little kids, little problems; big kids, big problems. Oh how I long for the time to go back to when we could protect them from everything and tuck them in at night knowing they were safe.

We've done what we were supposed to do. We've raised our son to be a strong, independent, successful man. So why does it hurt so much to watch him leave?

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DiDi said...

Hi Roni I am finishing my first book of yours now, To Tame A Cowgirl. I really enjoyed it. Was looking around your website and found your blog, I am excited to see more Double B books to read. Reading this post got to me, I am a single mother who's only child will be graduating High School in June and heading 3 hrs away to college in August, so I am heading towards that empty nest syndrome, lots of bittersweet tears in my life right now.