Sunday, June 06, 2010

Writers block. Or maybe a real term is excuses. That's what I've had for several months now. I have one excuse after another for not writing. Yes I'm busy, but aren't we all? No matter what your life and the demands others make on you, only you are the true determination of whether you find time to write. For years when folks would ask me how I got so much writing done with 3 sons, a full time job, volunteer commitments, and other responsibilities I would smugly say - "I prioritize", or "I make time for writing". That was all well and good until I couldn't anymore.

Suddenly life changed and more responsibilities were piled on and suddenly even I couldn't squeak out any time to write. Or so it seemed.

Because even that is a lie. I find time to never miss an episode of Glee, or American Idol, or any other number of TV shows I enjoy. Granted while I watch TV I generally multitask whether its folding laundry, making a grocery list, reading a magazine or whatever but now that summer is here and all those shows are on hiatus - there's a few blocks of time each week that I won't be using. I fully intend to use at least some of it to work on edits.

Sleeping or rather not sleeping. If even only 2 mornings a week I set the alarm for a half hour earlier - I could get in another hour of writing a week. My lunch time. I used to write on my lunch hour but my day job is so busy that sometimes I don't take a lunch hour. That needs to change. Again even if only 2 days a week I shut down the day job and write during my lunch hour that would be another 2 hours of writing.

There's always time for writing. Sometimes we simply have to want it bad enough to find it. I hope you find yours.

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