Monday, August 24, 2009

Tell me that photo doesn't just make you swoon. When I tell you that its my 19 year old "baby" who just happens to be a Lance Corporal with the Marines and he's standing in the dessert of Iraq, it adds another layer of emotion. You single gals out there are drooling, you Mom's are tearing up because you can't imagine what I'm feeling. But yep that's my boy. The romance author in me sees the perfect cover! Wonder if I can convince him to let me use it?? lol.
Two months to go. Two months until he's home in our house, less than that and he'll arrive back in the states. Saturday was his Dad's birthday and he was able to call home. Best gift in the world for both of us.
I look back and shake my head at all that's gone on since he left home in January, the changes - good and bad. A year is a long time in a family's life, but for this family certain parts of life have been on hold and we're finally coming to the end of a journey that while we were honored and proud to take, its not one we wish to go through again. When someone in your family serves his country, the entire family and their friends all sacrifice for that service. We worry and we miss him, but we are proud that these young men and women are determined to do the right thing and protect our freedom.
58 days to go.


Kaylea Cross said...

That would make an awesome cover, Roni! The time must be crawling by for you, and I wish I could speed it up for you. Hang in there!

E.A. West said...

What an awesome photo! You should definitely talk him into letting you use it for a cover. 58 seems like such a long time. Sending hugs your way!

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Mary Ricksen said...

Thank you Roni for allowing your son to protect us all. Whether I agree with war or not, I do feel immense gratitude, fear, and hope for those who serve their country. He not only deserves a cover, (which it would be great for), but how about a story. It must evoke some ideas when you think of him coming home.

Roni said...

Thanks all less than a month to go! He'll be home on October 22!!!