Monday, July 20, 2009

Fresh back from the RWA conference in DC and believe it or not I didn't take too many pictures. But this one actually was at the request of my mother. That's Debbie Macomber next to me in case you don't recognize her. My mother claims to be her biggest fan and I had to get an autograph and a picture. I like Debbie as well. I've read several of her books and we both love to write series - small towns, with a cast of characters that returns again and again. Its one of the things I really enjoy about her books.

The conference is always a huge motivator as a writer. Listening to wonderful keynote speeches by authors such as Linda Howard, Eloisa James and others makes every author and writer in the conference want to curl up with her laptop and just write. Talking with other authors, living the writing world for a few days is just plain good for your soul. There you are among 2000+ other romance writers - finally people who understand why you are the way you are. Its refreshing that's for sure.

Being in DC, what can I say? One of my favorite cities in the world. I love sightseeing, love the hustle and bustle and love the sheer beauty of the memorials and the buildings of our nation's capital. Doesn't matter to me who is in the White House; the important thing is the White House itself. That magnificent building stands for all we as Americans believe in and it still steals my breath every time I see it.

Next year RWA heads to Nashville. Be still my heart! As a country music fan from the cradle I can't think of anywhere I'd rather spend a few days. Whether its in the cards remains to be seen but after coming back from this national conference, I have to say that it refuels me, energizes me and helps me believe in my writing again. That's simply priceless.

If you can't get to a national conference this year, I sincerely hope you can get to a smaller local conference. Any time you can come together with other writers is good for your own writing. If you were at this year's conference or one another year - I'd love to hear your favorite parts of the conference or your fondest memory.


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Mary Ricksen said...

Networking with other authors is always so much fun. I don't know what it is, but the camaraderie is
just amazing.
Someday I'll get to RT or RWA, you just never know.