Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A day late but wanted to make sure we all know that Memorial Day is a day to celebrate and thank those who have served our country as well as saying some prayers for those who are currently serving.

The handsome Marine here is my son, Brennan, all of 19 years old now and serving our country in Iraq. I'm fortunate in that the infrastructure where he is is such that we have frequent, almost daily contact with him via the internet. It doesn't make the time move along any faster to get him home; but at least it helps us with missing him.

An acquaintance stopped by yesterday and said she wanted to thank me for giving our country my son to defend it and protect it. I, of course, began to cry. It was very touching and very moving for her to make this special trip to my home simply to say thank you and tell me she prays daily for his and all our military's safe return.

To all of you parents of our soliders (and yes I know Marines aren't technically soldiers Brennan tells me this all the time!), thank you for making the biggest sacrifice in the world. There is no way to explain or describe it to anyone who isn't a military parent. It is heartbreaking and hard and sometimes you don't know how you'll get through it, but then you do. People constantly tell us we should be proud; yes we should but usually we're too busy worrying and missing them.

I don't mean I'm not proud of my son and his fellow marines, but the fear and the missing them generally overshadows that pride. Again, something you can't understand if you aren't living it or have lived it.

This Memorial Day and every day stop for a minute and say thank you to our men and women who are serving but also to their families left behind because the sacrifice they make is a service to th is country as well. The next time you run into a Mom or Dad who's child is serving, stop and thank them and ask how they're holding up. It means everything to know people understand and care.



Mary Ricksen said...

How proud you must be of your handsome young son. Be strong, someday you will have tons of grandchildren to love. And this time of fear will just be a distant memory.

JoAnn said...

I know it must be hard for a mother's heart to see her son leave and fight for our country.

Thank you for raising a son who is willing to sacrifice so much for us!

I'll be praying for his protection~

Roni said...

Thank you so much for the kind thoughts and words. I will say its a lot easier on us Moms now then in the old days of War. I get to "talk" to him on instant message almost daily which helps keep him close and to check in with him. Today his latest request...send coffee and a new Wild Rose Press pink mug. This Mom has no problem with that request.